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Since it's father's day, I thought it would be fitting to talk about something parental in nature.
(Un)fortunately, I haven't had the experience of being a parent yet, so I can't exactly talk about that.
What I CAN talk about is how protective some people can be about their creations, whether they be characters, their worlds, their gameplay ideas or even their plots.

The thing with a creator is that they always put something of themselves in their creations.
When a creator designs a character, they put something of themselves in that character. Either they put many of the things they agree with in the main character, or even put everything that they are against in life in the main villain.
Of course, that gives you this phenomenon of "Mary Sue", where people will assume that you're pretty much writing a self-insert fanfic of your own life and the story is nothing but a rant of yours turned into a story.
To put it shortly, because that's not the point of the journal today, that's a bad way of writing a story, you should distance yourself from your characters more, otherwise any victory your character has feels less like a victory for the character and more like the creator applauding him/herself for rejecting their own reality.

But am I saying you shouldn't feel attached to your own characters or creations?
Of course not, the moment you lose the passion of your creations, that's the moment when you end up becoming more of a sellout than what anybody describes a sellout is (by having the GALL to actually make MONEY out of your work! How despicable!).

That's where the parental comparisons start.
A creator, just like a father, should not be a controlling dictator over the creation/child and MAKE them turn out exactly like their creator/father.
You build them up from the start, but eventually you should just let them grow up on their own.
The trick is to be open minded.

Are you against the military?
Well what happens when your child becomes truly patriotic, truly believes in his country and honestly wants to fight for it?
He believes that if he has to die one day, it's not as an old man in bed, but as a proud soldier on the battlefield, fighting for what he believes in.

You can be against that all you want, but it's still HIS decision. HIS life. At the very least learn to accept and understand his point of view.

That's what you should do too when writing a story, a character, a world and especially gameplay ideas.
You come up with a world that stands for everything you agree with. It's bright and colourful and is a very exciting place to be in.
Then to demonstrate how it has gone to shit, you have it slowly be taken over by all the things you're against in life.
Well, stop for a second and look non-biasedly at the halfway point.
You'd find out that the halfway point would be the most interesting your world will ever be.
That's because that's how life works. It's never EXACTLY the way you want, but it's not FILLED with everything you're against either.
That's what makes life interesting. You can bounce ideas off of eachother, agree to disagree, resolve conflict, find allies, find enemies, etc.
Guess what, that's in every good game too.

Your creation is still it's own entity.
It will eventually lead it's own life, become interpreted by many other people than just yourself.
Eventually it would have it's own ideals, some of which you might even be against.
And that's okay, eventually you may even agree to it yourself.
Opinions change.

Open your mind. Let yourself look at things from other people's perspective.
Because if you're unable to change your opinion when it matters, you will be stuck and will forever have the same flaws you still have now.
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